“The Invisible Woman”,
FEATURE (2017)

Ripped directly from the world of BITCH PLANET, a crack team of creators spin three teeth-clenching tales of rage, revolution, and ridicule. 100% Grade A satire. Accept no substitutes. PLUS: original cover art from Valentine deLandro, essays from Kelly Sue and guest contributors, a letter column, and more!


Athena’s Daughters, Vol. 1 (2014)athena's daughters cover

This groundbreaking collection of speculative fiction is by women, about women. My short story is featured alongside works by Mary Robinette Kowal, Gail Z. Martin,  Sherwood Smith, Janine Spendlove, and more. With an introduction by former space shuttle commander Col. Pam Melroy, and gorgeous illustrations by Autumn Frederickson and Betsy Waddell, this anthology series is out of this world. Get it in hardcover or digital format at Silence in the Library, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more.


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