NaNoWriMo, Day 3

Writing is going okay!

Went over my word count on day one, floundered yesterday, and hit a middling stride today that ended about twenty minutes ago. I’m essentially a “day” behind, average pace considered, but hopefully it’s nothing the weekend or writing an extra hour for the next few days can’t fix.

Is anyone else having trouble with the word count function on Nano’s website? It didn’t register any of my daily totals until today. Everything hit at once after I validated it in the settings menu. Weird.

First story is mainly slow going because I am faking futuristic legal jargon left and right. Somebody is going to have to help me lawyerpick this thing once I’m through.


Can’t wait until I’m done with story #1 and can move on to something much less focused on corporate and constitutional law! Story #2 is set on the snowy frontier, and is an introspective look into the life of an (infamous) homesteading family.


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